Burncross Action Team


The History sub group was formed by the Chairwoman of Burncross Action Team in 2011.  The group consisted of members of the Committee and local residents who had a genuine interest in the history of Burncross.

Partnership / Community / Collaboration:

• Ecclesfield School – The Head of History has expressed an interest to incorporate the work of the Burncross Action Team (History Sub Group) into their future curriculum,
• Local Historians – Beryl Greaves / Mel Jones / Joan Jones (Chapeltown & High Green Archive),
• Jan Sintemaartensdijk (Dutch historian / writer who has published books on the topic of the war years and has translated a Dutch diary for our History Group,
• Dutch camp residents.

Siting of the History Boards

The History Boards are to be situated in 3 locations across the Barnes Hall Residential Estate (Mackenzie Crescent, Milton Road, Barnes Hall Road). 

A formal launch took place on Sunday 6th May at 11:30am at the "Teardrop" on the Hawkins Avenue flowerbed which is situated at the bottom of Raleigh Drive.

Many local residents turned out to share their experiences of the time they spent at the camp or their memories of living on the estate in the early post war years.

Councillor Jonathan Jones officially opened the History Boards with his wife Linda.

History Board Sitings:

Board 1 (Location = Barnes Hall Road)

Board 2 (Location = Milton Road)

Board 3 (Location = Hawkins Avenue)


Acknowledgements & other reference material used:

  • Life and Times of Bracken Hill – A chapeltown & High Green Archive Publication – ISBN 09513952 2 X (1992)

  • Chapeltown & High Green The War Years – A chapeltown & High Green Archive Publication – ISBN 0 9513952 0 3 (1988)

  • The Sheffield Star – Archive materials Farmers Weekly – April 23rd, 1937

  • Auction of Barnes Hall Farm – 24th March 1959 at 14:30 – Held by Henry Spencer

Materials and information supplied by:

• Local Historians – Beryl Greaves / Mel Jones / Joan Jones (Chapeltown & High Green Archive),

• Post - war camp residents, • Local Burncross residents,

• Dutch historian - Jan Sintemaartensdijk (Writer who has published books on the topic of the war years and has translated a Dutch diary for our History Group,

• Dutch camp leader – Lien Van Den Groot.

An exclusive interview with Coucillor Jonathan:

Interview with Jonathan Jones – outgoing chair of Ecclesfield parish Council.

Asking the questions – Steve Tye.

Burncross action Team = Jonathan, welcome & on behalf of Burncross Action Team & all the other local In Bloom groups I would like to thank you for the support of the Parish council.

Steve Tye = To begin with What made you want to work in public life?

Councillor Jones = We have often been in situations talking about why don’t we do something. I wanted to be in a position to make it happen. I’ve also a passion for local community issues & wanted to make a difference. I love encouraging collaborative work across the political spectrum.

Steve Tye = Can you think of any major barriers that have affected you carrying out your duties?

Councillor Jones = Firstly the position of Parish Councillor is a voluntary one & it can be rather challenging juggling the demands of a full time job with those of voluntary work. Secondly bureaucratic red tape can take ages to overcome.

Steve Tye = What do you consider to be the best successes you have been associated with?

Councillor Jones = Fostering a community spirit where people come along & give up their time & skills to work on community projects. The boundary stones known as the gateway to Burncross are a case in point. Building a positive working relationship between a community group & Sheffield city Council, particularly The Northern Community Assembly which has been especially rewarding – the platform for future growth has been established. The Christmas event at the Acorn has grown into a highlight within the festive calendar.

Steve Tye = What have you learnt during your time as Chairman?

Councillor Jones = I have learnt about the importance of being an ambassador for the council & using the role to listen to people about their very real concerns. It’s very pleasing that my last official engagement should take place just around the corner from where I live.

Steve Tye = What are you going to do with your extra spare time?

Councillor Jones = Don’t forget I have a full time job and am always looking to involve students from Ecclesfield school within the community. I have developed an interest in growing my own vegetables & look forward to “Digging for Victory” I have been asked to sit on the Sheffield Regional Rugby League Development Association committee & am greatly looking forward to my involvement with Sheffield; Eagles. I had better say I will be able to spend more time with my family, especially my long suffering wife Linda.

Steve Tye = In recognition of the work you have done for the Parish council & Burncross Action Team I would like to extend our thanks & look forward to your continued community involvement. Thank You Jonathan time for a beer Councillor Jones.