Burncross Action Team

Burncross Action Team


Our overall objective is to enhance and revitalise a community spirit by identifying and focusing upon projects and activities for all age groups within Burncross.

Our objectives within this are:

  • Improve the local environment, encourage recycling and removal of graffiti and litter.

  • Create a good community spirit.

  • Encourage involvement of local businesses, to seek sponsorship and support.

  • To apply for grants from Ecclesfield Parish Council (EPC), Local Area Committees and other funding bodies to improve seating areas and recreational facilities.
  • Work alongside existing environmental groups.

  • Collaboration with youth groups and schools.

  • Maintenance of existing flower beds and boxes

What we are doing to ensure we meet our objectives:

  • Plan activities in advance - we have an annual planning schedule which includes: financial planning, community work, partnership linkages to be established and maintained, sponsorship, bulb and bedding planting, grass cutting, voting of committee members etc.

  • Recent project activities - Creation of a wildflower/wildlife garden from a disused council depot at the top of Bracken Hill, named "Burncross Gateway Garden". Repainting and refurbishment of existing equipment in Mackenzie playground and the addition of 2 Springies and an accessible roundabout for young children. Installation of 3 new benches in the Acorn Recreation area in recognition of the impact of Covid-19. New seating opposite the Co-op and at the entrance to Foxfield Spring Wood. Replacing all the rotting wooden flower boxes with sustainable material. Burying, in collaboration with EPC, a Time Capsule containing the history of Burncross and various artefacts.

  • Ad hoc working parties and regular committe meetings.

  • Social events and fundraising activities (e.g raising money for the community Christmas trees).

Click here to see our achievements to date.

We would like to thank ALL our volunteers for their support, dedication and commitment.  If it wasn't for our volunteers the community would not be a beautiful, tidy and friendly neighbourhood to live in.