Burncross Action Team

Burncross Action Team


The Burncross Action Team was formed in March 2006 by a group of Burncross residents who were determined to improve the local area.


Our overall objective is to enhance and revitalise a community spirit by identifying and focusing upon projects and activities for all age groups within Burncross.

Our objectives within this are:

  • Entry into Yorkshire in Bloom,

  • Improve the local environment & encourage recycling,

  • Create a good community spirit,

  • Encourage involvement of local businesses,

  • Work alongside existing environment groups,

  • Collaboration with youth groups and School.

Consultation within the community has also identified several needs:

  • The introduction of flower beds and boxes,

  • Removal of graffiti and litter,

  • Improvement of seating areas and recreational facilities,

  • To apply for grant aid from Sheffield City Council and other funding bodies,

  • To seek sponsorship and support from local businesses.

What we are doing to ensure we meet our objectives:

  • Plan activities in advance - we have an annual planning schedule which includes: financial planning, community work, partnership linkages to be established and maintained, sponsorship, bulb and bedding planting, grass cutting, Voting of committee members etc..

  • Project activities - Focus on specific projects for example:  Local history group.  This sub group of the Burncross Action Team have worked in liaison with local residents, local historians, oversees veterans, local schools and researchers to develop a number of history boards which were displayed around the Burncross area in 2012,

  • Monthly scheduled working mornings - general activities include litter picking, graffiti removal and notification of plans for the coming month,

  • Monthly committee meetings - these are attended by the committee members and guest speakers are frequently invited to update on a variety of activities for example: The local Rangers to promote and arrange forthcoming events. 

As a group of community volunteers, we are especially proud of all our acheivements.

Ckick here to see our achievements to date.

We would like to thank ALL our volunteers for their support, dedication and commitment.  If it wasn't for our volunteers the community would not be a beautiful, tidy and friendly neighbourhood to live in.