Burncross Action Team

  • In 2018 we were very proud of winning the Britain In Bloom 'Platinum award' for our Burncross Garden Gateway Garden.

  • CONGRATULATIONS to the whole community for your hard work to make this happen!

  • With contribution from 2 community schools, Angram Bank School and Windmill Hill School, They created these wonderfully painted pebbles to brighten the gateway garden in the winter months.

  • 2016:

  • The 2016 entry was hugely successful with a Gold Award being secured.

  • Lots of hard work was put into this milestone competition with lots of planning and effort by Burncross Action Team.

  • Out judging dates were April and again in July.

  • All our volunteers were kept busy by helping out with our community entry, covering a range of activities:

    • Rebuilding planters

    • Grass cutting

    • Litter picking

    • Designing flower beds

    • Co-ordinating community support

    • Liaising with local businesses

  • Previous years submissions, commentary and news:

  • The results are in.......

  • 2014:
    The 'Yorkshire In Bloom' judging was announced on Tuesday 16th June and where a'GOLD'was awarded to the Burncross Action Team in the large village category - FANTASTIC!! Well done everyone who played a role in preparation and delivery for the event.

  • Our past results have been exemplary with a 'Gold' in 2013 and 'Silver Guild' for the 4 previous consecutive years all of which we are very proud.

  • 2012

  • In 2012 we entered the large village category and won:


    In 2012 - First it was our Olympians, then our Para-Olympians then it was the
    members of Burncross Action Team who are Gold winners in the “Yorkshire
    in Bloom” competition. In the Large Village category Burncross achieved
    the Yorkshire Rose Gold Award and were declared overall joint winners
    with Shadwell in Leeds.

    This represents improving standards from Silver in 2007 then four successive Silver Gilt Awards, culminating in this year’s achievement. The outgoing Chairperson Brenda Hind received the Award certificates on Tuesday at a ceremony at York Racecourse. She said,”This is a fantastic achievement for Burncross. Some of our competitors are much larger and endowed with village squares and historical buildings. It feels like we’ve won the FA Cup!

    The Judges awarded us Gold standard in Horticultural Achievement, Environmental Responsibility and Community Participation.” Mention was also made of the floral displays at the Gateways to Burncross from Penistone Road,our ongoing efforts to recycle, the sponsorship support of local businesses and the overall improvement in the quality of life for the residents of Burncross. Brenda also remarked on how proud she was of the efforts of Burncross Action team to develop a web-site and to achieve such high standards in spite of factors like economic issues, difficult weather conditions and acts of vandalism to local History Boards - a story covered by the Sheffield Star May 2012.

    Brenda said, “We are pleased to contribute to making Burncross a better place to live in. It’s marvellous to have all our efforts valued. This really shows that it is much more than just planting flowers!”

    Burncross Action Team representatives at the Award Ceremony 18.09.2012