Burncross Action Team

Now and then

With the benefit of old photos and BAT committee meeting minutes we can be reminded of the achievements and improvements now seen in Burncross since 2006.

  • The floral displays and boundary stones at Bracken Hill and Hallwood road are now landmarks to Burncross. Regular grass cutting at these two sites and on the Barnes Hall estate are done by our volunteers.
  • Flowerbox displays around the area have increased with the tubs (previously made from recycled scaffolding boards) replaced by  smarter maintenance free alternatives.

  • In 2011 the Acorn recreation ground improvements were facilitated by BAT using local development monies and lottery funding. Three new benches were installed in 2023 in memory of the impact of Covid-19.
  • The Mckenzie Play area was refurbished with the installation of new goalposts and Astro-turf in the goalmouths. In 2022, the playground was professionally repainted and new equipment installed including an accessible roundabout.

  • Christmas in Burncross:- With the help of EPC, BAT fund raising and local pubs we are able to source 3 large Christmas trees with lighting.
  • Yorkshire in Bloom competition:- With much effort BAT won a Gold Award in 2014 and 2016 in the Large Village category. In 2018 the Burncross Gateway Garden won Platinum. This competition awards marks for quality of floral displays, environmental work and community involvement. 
  • Schools:- Young people in our local schools continue to join BAT activities, poster and poetry competitions, scarecrow building and more recent environmental work in the Burncross Gateway Garden making bug houses, seed sowing, planting, pebble painting and identification of flowers and bugs.
  • In 2016 BAT facilitated the Burncross Beer Festival bringing together the three local pubs for a weekend of fun and entertainment. Generous raffle prizes were donated by our supporters and money was raised for improvements inthe Mckenzie Recreation ground.
  • Grant awards from EPC, Ward Pots, ASDA and TESCO contributed to funding new flower boxes, seating and equipment.
  • In 2017, BAT with support from an RHS initiative secured a three year lease on the Bracken Hill disused highways depot to re-purpose it into a wildflower and wildlife area. This is now an area for the community to enjoy and is always open to visitors.
  • BAT has many social acitivities (always important in a community group) ranging from BBQs, games nights, quizzes and history evenings in the local pub to visits to RHS Harlow Carr, car rallies, afternoon teas and Christmas jumper parties.

Since 2006, every first Sunday in the month (unless it is Christmas day) BAT volunteers remove litter from the streets. That's an achievement in itself!

Come and join us!