Burncross Action Team


Planned activities:

  • Further working days on the Burncross Garden Gateway where we will be continuing the up keep. Pop in and take a look anytime.
  • Monthly litter picking around the Community to improve the open space for residents of Burncross (1st Sunday of every month meeting in The Acorn car park @ 10am),
  • Composting, bulb planting and general  improvements in the Burcross Area
  • Working with eating Partners, Schools, Rangers and the Local Council to make our community a better place
  • Work with local community schools:
    • Raising awareness of Burncross Action Team
    • Planting of shrubs and trees in the Acorn Recreational Area
    • Project specific activities
  • Monthly working mornings - planting, graffiti removal, targeted got spot clearance etc.
  • Monthly committee meetings - progress to date, planning for events and aligning work to ensure we meet our objectives

Projects completed:

  • Burncross Garden Gateway which was the old Bracken Hill (old council depot) was turned from grey land into a green space with a wildflower garden and landscaping. This was completed as a community project In partnership with Burncross Action Team, The Royal Horticultural Society, Ecclesfield Comprehensive School and Windmill Hill Primary School. 

Watch out for details of further planned activities and projects.

2017 / 18 Achievements:

  • Pebble painting (for the gateway) by Angram Bank School and Windmill Hill School - THANK YOU! Our garden won't look so dull in the wintertime now.

  • Various bids for funding (some successful and other not), these bids enable Burncross Action Team to enhance our space by securing funding for specific initiatives.

  • Local history evening and social activities through each year.

  • Annual General Meeting held at the Wharncliffe Arms Burncross Road where we shared our plans for the year ahead

  • Foxfield Spring woods (Information Board installed identifying local wildlife, trees and plants).  Supported by Burncross Action Team, The Woodland Trust and Windmill Hill Primary School.

  • Article published in the Look Local newspaper 13th April, publicising the ex-council depot on Bracken Hill.

  • Preparation of the wild flower area on the site of the ex-council depot is progressing well.  Movement of existing materials on site to accommodate the new design have been completed, delivery of top soil has taken place and help from volunteers from the local community and Ecclesfield Comprehensive School to spread the soil into place is progressing well.  Thank you to everyone involved!

  • Public meeting held on Monday 6th March to inform local residents of the newly acquired ex council depot. An update was provided on the planned activities along with requests for help with the site (both ideas for deign and for the physical help required to get such a project off the ground).

  • Successful engagement with local primary and secondary schools (commitment for continued partnership and involvement in projects)

  • Continued partnership working with Royal Horticultural Society to bid for much needed funding and securing funding for projects

  • Successful installation of 6 x bird boxes sited in the Foxfield Spring woods

2016 Achievements:

  • First ever Burncross Beer Festival (9th and 10th July) co-ordinated by BAT and hosted by the 3 pubs in Burncross (The Acorn Inn, The Crown & Cushion and The Wharncliffe Arms),

    • The event ran over the weekend and hundreds of members of the community joined us for good beer, geed food, live entertainment and a raffle to raise funds for improvements in the local community.

  • Successful engagement into partnership working with the Royal Horticultural Society, The Woodland Trust and local primary and secondary schools

  • A scarecrow competition with a local community school (Judged and prizes awarded for some fantastic unique ideas and well executed scarecrows)

  • Entry into the Yorkshire In bloom 2016 was a HUGE success with a GOLD award to the Burncross Action Team!! Thank you to the entire team for the massive achievement of a fantastic aware.

  • Mackenzie Crescent playing field:

      • Successful replacement of artificial grass

      • Additional dog waste / rubbish bin

  • 2015 Achievements:

    • Newsletter (August 2015)(please open the newsletter in Microsoft Word)

    • Maintenance of flower boxes and planting of flowers & shrubs

    • History evening held for the local community

    • Continued sponsorship from local companies and individuals

    • Monthly litter picking  / working groups

    • Working with local neighbourhood watch group + PCOS targeting graffiti within the local area

    • Monthly committee meetings

    • Social evenings for committee and general members of Burncross Action Team

2014 Achievements:

  • A publication in Pulse (Heart of our Community) Magazine July 2014 

  • Entry into Yorkshire in Bloom under the large village category

  • Spring in bloom judging completed and commentary received from the judges

  • Maintenance of flower boxes and planting of flowers & shrubs in preparation for the in bloom judging

  • Continued sponsorship from local companies and individuals

  • Litter picking  / working groups each month

  • Connections with local schools and a competition for infant & junior pupils for a themed event (judging June 2014)

  • Working with local neighbourhood watch group + PCOS targeting graffiti within the local area

  • Monthly committee meetings in January, February, March, April and May

2013 Achievements:


  • Wednesday 18th December we had our 2nd Christmas Celebration at the Acorn Inn. This event included Lights switch on, mince pies and a visit from Santa.
  • Sunday 15th December we held our Christmas Celebration at The Wharncliffe Arms, Burncross Road. The event included Lights switch on, High Green Brass Band, Mince Pies and a very special visit from Santa!

September - November

  • A new litter bin at the junction of Bracken Hill and Penistone Road following the irreparable damage to the previous one,

  • Flowerbeds and flowerboxes around the area were emptied and replanted with winter pansies, primulas, daffodils and tulips with the hope for some colour this winter and into spring 2014,

  • Thank you to all our sponsors for their financial support and thank you to our members for their time, effort and gardening skills,

  • Return of the wooden swan to the Acorn Recreation ground following a long awaited repair,

  • Preparation for the Christmas festivities at both The Wharncliffe Arms and Acorn Inn.


    • Gardening Competition for the residents of Burncross - front or rear gardens judged. Prize awarded June 2013.


    • Siting of the new 'Burncross' stone at the top of Hallwood Road


    • Burncross Action Team Newsletter published & circulated in the Burncross Area
    • Replacement of the floral boxes at the top of Bracken Hill
    • Replacement of the litterbin at the top of Bracken Hill
    • Anti dog fouling training for members of the Burncross Action Team
    • Delivery of 1648 newsletters to residents of Burncross resulting in tripeling the number of website hits

    2012 Achievements:

    Coffee Morning at The Wharncliffe Arms (29.09.2012):

    In the morning of Saturday 29th September @ 10:30 The Wharncliffe Arms opened it's doors for a joint venture with Burncross Action Team. The coffee morning was a fundraising event with ALL proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Care the event raised in excess of £750.00.

    Working day with the Sheffield Rangers (11.11.2012):

  • On Sunday 11th November members of the Burncross Action Team met with the Sheffield Rangers to help clear the stream and to tidy up Foxfield Spring Wood, the event was well attended with plenty of tidying up and rubbish removed,

  • Kite Making (02.08.2012):
  • The kite making event was held on Thursday 2nd August 1:00 - 3:00 pm. This event was ran in partnership with the Rangers - North Sheffield and was sucessful and well attended.  Fun was had by all and some pretty impressive kites were made,
  • Burncross in Bloom Entry 2012:

    Entry of Burncross into the "Yorkshire in Bloom 2012" (Initial Judging day was Friday 13th April - see report) Next planned judging day = Friday 13th July - see report),

    Diamond Jubilee Celebrations:

    Diamond Jubilee celebrations in partnership with the Wharncliffe Arms on Burncross Road. The event was held on  Sunday 3rd June from 3pm onwards. A large number of tickets were sold to help raise money for 'Help The Heroes' (see below for report):

    Diamond Jubilee celebrations
    Despite the wet and cold weather, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations held at the Wharncliffe Arms were a resounding success.

    The children were entertained by "Patsy", prior to feasting on an array of sandwiches, cakes,jelly and icecream.

    Unfortunately the planned games were cancelled but that did not dampen the fun. Music was provided by the Wharncliffe resident buskers and later delicious pie and peas were served.

    Sarah Richardson and Alice Mee sold raffle tickets to raise money for "Help the Heroes". Excellent prizes were won and £360 added to the profit from ticket sales, a grand total £980!.

    Grateful thanks to everyone who contrbuted in any way.

    Siteing of 3 local History Boards:

    The siteing of 3 local history boards were completed and lauched on Sunday 6th May, these were placed around Burncross - designed to raise awareness of the history of Burncross,

    Unveiling of the Barnes Hall Estate "History Boards"

    Mr Jonathan Jones performed his last official duty as Chairman of Ecclesfield Parish Council, when he unveiled the local history boards on the Barnes Hall housing estate.

    Supporters of Burncross Action Team and residents past and present were given a brief history of the project and photographs and books were displayed.

    Olivia Richardson presented Mrs Linda Jones with flowers.

    We were delighted that the Wednesday 9th May editition of The Sheffield Star published the story of "the Camp" and the efforts of the team to promote its' history.

    However, that same day the information board situated on Hawkins Aenue was deliberately broken. The Burncross Action Team had hoped this project would prove interesting to all age groups, so it is especially sad that someone local has seen fit to spoil work done voluntarily by others.

    The board has now been repaired. 

    • Unveiling of the History Boards / Formal Launch was Sunday the 6th May @ 11:30am, the event was a success with many a local resident sharing their experiences of their time on the camp / their memories of the area etc.. Many thanks to everyone who turned up to show their suppport,

    • Woodland Walk - A guided walk through Foxfield Spring Wood which was a success.  This was planned in partnership with the Rangers - North Sheffield and took place on the 11th April 2012.



    Yorkshire In Bloom:

    • Spring Medal position = Silver Guilt,
    • Summer medal position = Gold,
    • Overall 2011 position = Silver Guilt Rose Award.

    Successful applications for grants have been fully utilised on the development of the Burncross Community:

    • Acorn Recreation area - This project included planning, coordination of suppliers, liaison with Sheffield City Council. The project delivered a lovely rereational play area for local residents,
    • Litter picking equipment.

    Events that have been co-ordinated by the Burncross Action Team include:

    • Santa visits Burncross - in partnership with the Acorn Inn,
    • Weath making in Foxfield Spring Woods - in partnership with the Rangers.

    Burncross Action Team community member events:

    • Royal Wedding,
    • Annual Summer BBQ party.

  • Christmas Festivities (09.12.2012):
  • Christmas Festivities at the WHARNCLIFFE Pub on Burncross Road, activities included switching on the outdoor Christmas tree lights, Visit from Santa, Craft Stall and High Green Junior Brass Band played.
  • Christmas Festivities (17.12.2012):

  • The ACORN Inn on Burncross Road hosted our annual Festivities Evening which included a special Santa Visit, Mulled Wine, Mince Pies and a selection of carols being sang. 

  • Siteing of 2 x Christmas Trees:

    • 1 x at the Junction of Hollow Gate / Burncross Road / Hallwood Road / Bracken Hill,

    • 1 x at the Wharncliffe Arms public house on Burncros Road.